How To Use Your Sutera BathStone
For Best Results

Your package includes:

1 Sutera BathStone

1 Sanding Tool

1 Non-Slip Mat

1 Detailed Instruction Guide

Setting it up:

Unwrap your BathStone from its protective bubble wrap

Choose a flat, clean surface for placement

Lay down the non-slip mat

Place your BathStone onto the non-slip mat

And Voila! Your BathStone is ready for use

100% Diatomaceous Earth

Is Quick-Drying, Anti-Slip, & Gentle On Skin

Taking Care Of Your BathStone

Stain Removal

The Sutera BathStone is made of diatomaceous earth, so it naturally absorbs water and prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. For stain removal, simply wipe your BathStone down with a warm, damp cloth and let it air dry. For heavier stains: apply a very small amount of bleach-based cleaner, wipe-away the stains, then rinse and let it air dry.

How & When To Use The Sanding Tool

Every couple of months, use the provided sanding tool to reactivate the full absorptive power of the BathStone as well as to smooth-out any divots.

Unique Porous Texture Soaks-Up Moisture, Keeping Floor Dry & Safe


  • Use Sutera’s BathStone in places other than the bathroom! It’s perfect for kitchens, entryways, pet bowls, and so much more.
  • Smooth down your BathStone with the provided sanding tool for optimal use
  • Reach out to Sutera Customer Support with any and all of your questions or concerns!
  • Create an at-home spa with other Sutera products like the Japanese Shower Scrub and Silverthread Towels.


  • Keep your old, soggy, bath mat — All you need is a BathStone!
  • Forget to lay down the non-slip mat beneath the BathStone
  • Clean your BathStone with heavy amounts of cleaner