Stone Bath Mat


Stone Bath Mat


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With self-drying technology, Sutera Stone Bath Mat can be used for kitchen, bath and other home needs!

  • Quick Self-Drying Diatomaceous Earth Material
  • Helps Keep Bathroom Floor Dry
  • Slip-Resistant Design Helps Provide Grip
  • Gentle & Breathable On Skin
  • Minimal Upkeep

Safe, Stylish, and Absorbent

No more slippery, gross, soggy steps; enjoy a fresh, dry and clean bathroom floor every time.

  • Absorbs and Evaporates Fast

    We designed the Stone Bath Mat to absorb large amounts of water at a time so when you step out of the bath or shower, you'll feel a clean, dry surface beneath your feet. Simply use the included sanding tool to freshen it up!

  • Stays Cleaner for Longer

    Since the Stone Bath Mat is made with premium Diatomaceous Earth, it stays dry and quickly absorbs moisture — delivering a more luxurious bathroom experience.

  • Safe and Secure

    We developed the Stone Bath Mat to help keep your bathroom floor dry. The surface is engraved with a unique multi-level pattern designed to provide grip when stepping out of the bath or shower.

  • 100% Pure Diatomaceous Earth

    Diatomaceous Earth is an ultra-compact material made from fossilized plankton. This super-absorbent surface is perfect for soaking up excess moisture.